watercolor workshops

                                                Workshop Agenda

                  ONE DAY WORKSHOPS


       Workshops start at 9 am


         Roy will do a quick 30 minute watercolor painting demonstration followed by

       A brief discussion on basic watercolor design & techniques  

       Roy will then paint another demonstration painting and make step by step design comments
       The class can practice painting these design techniques or work on their own paintings
       Anyone that wants can paint a painting using their own techniques until lunch or
       Paint a class project painting (Roy will illustrate step by step how to do the painting)    
       Break For Lunch 12pm to 1 pm

        Continue workshop 1 pm to 4 pm

       Class attendees do a painting using their own techniques or Roy's Wet in Wet Technique

       Roy will spend time with each attendee offering ideas to improve their paintings



       4 pm to 5 pm
       Painting critiques for class paintings. (This can be very educational)
       Volunteers can have their paintings critiqued with suggestions for improvement


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