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             Watercolor Workshops

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         Watercolor Workshops                                                                watercolor workshops

    Watercolor Workshops by Roy John Fuller. Roy offers Watercolor Workshops in transparent wet in wet watercolor painting techniques illustrating his 30 minute watercolor painting techniques. Roy paints on a vertical easel allowing gravity to mix the water and watercolors for an explosive combination of colors and shapes not possible in other watercolor techniques.

  "The best way to create loose, transparent and luminous watercolor paintings is to paint quickly with the biggest brush possible, use the fewest number of brush strokes and use lots of water." Roy Fuller  


      A Typical Workshop Agenda   

               Using Only Two Big Brushes & The Three Primary Colors

                     ( We use one cool and one warm tone of each of the 3 primary colors)

Watercolor Workshops

                         Free How To Watercolor Demonstration

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         Landscapes & Seascapes In Less Than 30 Minutes!

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        Roy Fuller has been painting watercolor paintings for 30 years and has developed his own unique style of watercolor painting that involves painting quickly with big brushes and the minimum of brush strokes.

       You can also paint beautiful watercolor paintings in 30 minutes. My method of watercolor painting is backward from most watercolor workshops. As children we paint freely and loose when playing with a toy watercolor sets. Then as adult artists we learn all the rules, the design, the perspective, color mixing. All the things we need to advance our skill levels, but in the process we forget how to paint loose and free. We start using smaller brushes to add more details. We go back into the painting to fix this and that. The next thing you know we have a muddy watercolor painting. To keep your watercolors transparent and loose we need to paint quickly with big brushes using the minimum number of brush strokes.

                             Here's a 30 Minute Watercolor Painting

            watercolor woorkshops

               Transparent, Translucent, Loose & Spontaneous Watercolors


                               Here's another 30 Minute Workshop Watercolor Painting

     watercolor workshops

   watercolor workshop   watercolor workshop  watercolor workshop watercolor workshop

Only 2 Brushes & The Three Primary Colors

                      A Word About My Workshops

    My workshops are geared for anyone not having a lot of experience in watercolors or someone developing a frustration level with watercolors. Beginners to professional artists will walk away learning something that will improve their art work. You'll learn some basics of design and composition to help your watercolor paintings advance to the next level. You don't need any special wet in wet painting experience to paint 30 minute watercolors. You also don't need any special drawing skills as we only use very basic outline drawings. We focus our workshops on proper design, composition and application techniques. Basics like using a Value Sketch, Variety, Gradation,  Center Of Interest positioning, and a few other design essentials that many of the master painters of the 16 century used in their paintings. Proper Design, Composition and Perspective is a must if you want your paintings to "POP" with freshness and have mass appeal. It can also help your judging scores in art competitions.

    My painting technique utilizes the basic foundations of the watercolor medium: Paint quickly with big brushes using the minimum number of brush strokes. This is really the secret to doing loose, spontaneous and transparent watercolor paintings. Get in quick and get out, and don't go back in again. I also paint on a vertical easel and use gravity to help my watercolor paint merge with the water in unpredictable and exciting ways.

   I call my painting method "30 Minute Watercolors". I'll show you how to use design techniques to help you paint beautiful watercolors. You'll be amazed how easy it is to paint a watercolor painting. Anyone can do 30 minute watercolor paintings.

   Workshops are focused on the basic design concepts that will improve your watercolor paintings. I often use only the three primary watercolor paints (Red, Yellow, Blue in cool and warm tones) and three different sizes of big paint brushes ( 3 inch, 2 inch and a liner brush). So the supplies are relatively simple. For better color variety I recommend two tubes in each color, one in cool and one in warm. These six tubes of watercolor will cover most painting situations. I like to take a full sheet of watercolor paper and fold it into 4 equal sections. If you paint on the front and back of the paper you have eight paintings you can do on one full sheet of Arches Watercolor Paper 140 lb Cold Pressed sheets. Use a 2 or 3 inch brush on these 1/4 sheet sections to exaggerate the brush size. All my unique watercolor painting techniques are described online for FREE. So it's just a matter of practice the techniques, and practice!





                   Six Steps To Painting 30 Minute Watercolors:

     1).   You need to select a pattern group for your watercolor painting. There are several but you only need a couple different value patterns to do hundred's of watercolor paintings. So pick one or two you like and stick with then for a while.

     2).    Sketch your drawing on your watercolor paper remembering to use proper perspective and a good design composition. Wet both sides completely until they are soaked or wet an area such as the sky. Either stretch the paper beforehand or add clamps on the sides of your backboard to hold the paper as it dries and shrinks if you are painting on a full sheet of watercolor paper. This will stretch the paper as you paint. The paper will dry in 12 to 15 minutes.

     3).    Paint the sky area using variety and gradation and start adding foliage to your middle ground. Use fresh paint each time you pick up paint from the pallet to keep the colors glowing as they mix. Also do your mixing on the paper. Put one color say yellow on the wet paper and then add blue and watch the green colors explode on the wet paper. This is a very exciting painting method.

     4).   Change the color often to add variety in color. Doesn't matter what color, just something different.

     5).    Use symbols for trees, rocks, buildings, etc. Never paint what you see, unless it's a landmark and needs to be painted that way for recognition. Develop your own set of symbols for things. This will make you unique as an artist. Be sure to vary the size, color and value of your shapes or symbols.

     6).  By now the paper is dry and all you need to do is add the foreground water and you are finished. The water should be done in the fewest number of brush strokes possible. Three to five strokes for an ocean!

              Transparent, Translucent, Fresh & Spontaneous Watercolors


              What Is The Deal With All The Different Watercolor Colors:

    Beginners are often confused by all the color hype on the market today. There are only three primary colors but few watercolor painters paint with three colors in their pallets. I believe many beautiful paintings can be completed with the three primary watercolor colors, but I like to use a cool and a warm version of each color. This also allows you color variety as you paint. First you use the cool yellow and then you use the warm yellow. Painting in less than 30 minutes will allow these colors to explode and mix into many different colors. See my pallet below.

    watercolor woorkshops


                             My Watercolor Palette

                                          My Blues

                                               Prussian Blue and Aquamarine Blue

                                         My Yellows

                                              Gamboge Yellow and Lemon Yellow

                                                               My Reds

                                           Alizarin Crimson & Permanent Deep Red

                                       My Earth Tones

                                         Yellow Ochre & Brunt Sienna


                                                                Ivory Black


                                 watercolor workshops

                                         My Brushes

                                             3 inch Flat Polar Flow

                                                       2 inch Flat Polar Flow 

                                         3/4 inch inch Flat Polar Flow (rarely used) 

                                        Liner Brush - For Signatures & Tree Limbs

                                               ** I Paint With My Easel Vertical

                  **  I use two yellows, two reds and two blues to make up my pallet.

                                     I use cold pressed Arches 140 lb watercolor paper for my paintings.   


            watercolor woorkshops 

    Roy Fuller, Watercolor Workshops Roy John Fuller, Watercolor Artist. Roy has been painting watercolors for 30 years and uses a quick painting method that results in a completed watercolor painting is less then 30 minutes. Roy is also the founder of International Watercolors, an online watercolor magazine with featured articles on many of today's top watercolor artists and upcoming watercolor artists.


                                           Watercolor Workshops

       Workshops are focused on the basics necessary to make a watercolor painting come together. Things like composition, doing a value sketch before you start painting, basic design elements and principles that make up a great painting. These are the things that will breath life into your watercolor paintings. Keeping your painting applications and techniques fresh.. His technique involves wetting the area of the watercolor paper completely before applying any watercolor paints. Then applying watercolor paint quickly with the minimum number of brush strokes. The paper dries in 12 - 20 minutes. Another few minutes to work on some details and the watercolor painting is finished. Students often comment my paintings style look loose, clear and colorful. That's because I paint quickly with big brushes. I have the students do some exercises where they paint an entire painting by the time the paper dries. They are all surprised how great their painting look. They are forced to paint with the minimum number of brush strokes in order to finish the painting before the paper dries. They get in and get out of the painting.

    You only need your first impression of an object, not all the details of the object. This is where your symbols come in. You paint your symbol for a tree not the tree in the photo you are looking at. After painting the symbol a number of times you don't have to even think about it. You just paint it.  

Painting With Big Brushes

Roy Fuller offers 1, 3 and 5 day watercolor workshops in the US and Internationally.  Workshops are focused on design, composition, color, painting loose and quickly. Roy paints many of his paintings in less than 30 minutes. We recommend attending a one day workshop first and then following up with a 3 - 5 day workshop later after you have had time to practice these new techniques.

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 "Watercolor Painting Is Really Simple!

We make it hard.

 Everyone makes watercolors too complicated. Anyone can paint beautiful watercolor paintings with some guidance and practice. I can't spend hours or days, let alone weeks doing a painting. I spend most of my time planning the painting and making sure my rough sketch is accurate. Then I wet the paper completely and start painting as fast as I can until the paper dries. Usually 7 to 14 minutes. A few more minutes adding a few details and I am finished. From a design standpoint, a well designed, quickly done painting like this will be the most transparent, translucent, spontaneous and loose painting possible. The longer you take to paint a watercolor painting the more of the above desirable qualities you lose. Add variety and a few other techniques and you will have a beautiful watercolor painting. "Variety is the spice of everything niceRoy Fuller.

I always say "Plan Slow & Paint Fast" Roy Fuller.

   watercolor workshops



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                               Preview Of Roy Fuller's "Transparent Seascapes" DVD            

   Roy John Fuller is now accepting reservations for his 2015 & 2016 watercolor workshops.

           Workshops are available in the United States and Internationally. Contact Us

                                                A Typical Workshop Agenda

watercolor workshops