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                 Principles Of Art Design

    The Principles of art design are not just applicable to watercolors. These principles apply to oil, acrylics and other mediums of painting. They apply to Seascapes, Landscapes and especially to Abstract paintings. The Principles are even more important in Abstract paintings since there is not always a good visual reference to common shapes like mountains, trees, lakes as there is in a landscape or seascape painting. These principles were used by many of the 19 century master painters and still apply today. Remembering all the principles of design can be difficult for beginning artists. I created the Principle acronym 'the ABCD HUG' to help remember the principles of art design.



               The ABCD HUG



      B - BALANCE

      C -  CONTRAST

      D -  DOMINANCE


      H - HARMONY

      U - UNITY



             The ABCD HUG


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