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              Wet In Wet Watercolors

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          Florida Watercolor Artists


  "The best way to create loose, transparent and luminous watercolor paintings is to paint quickly with the biggest brush possible, use the fewest number of brush strokes and use lots of water." Roy Fuller  

30 Minute Watercolor Paintings


   international watercolor artists Roy Fuller  

                   Great watercolors start with the basic Principles & Elements of Art Design

   These unique wet in wet watercolor techniques are not rushed, in fact they are completed slowly while the artist is relaxed. Roy will only apply a few selected and targeted strokes of paint to the wet paper, then he lets the water and watercolor do their magic! Roy works on an almost vertical painting board allowing gravity to mix the watercolors and the paint. He does not use board tilting techniques to move the watercolors around the painting. His technique is very spontaneous and loose. This unique technique normally eliminates the need for stretching 1/4 to 1/2 size watercolor paper before use.

 Learn how to take advantage of those "Happy Accidents" to take your watercolors to the next level.


                                      This watercolor paintings was completed in less than 30 relaxing minutes

    Artists Feedback On Roy's Watercolors

 Frank Webb - "Roy Fuller's watercolor works exude a freshness born of great speed. This fleetness of touch can only be made when the painter's mark is sure and with a conviction of the shape to be made with a minimum of adjustments."

 Sterling Edwards - "Roy's work is very nice...loose, fresh, and clean!"

 Leslie Ruth - "Your work is wonderful and "refreshing". You capture the true essence of the medium."

 Judy Champion - ".....Very impressive!"

 Ron Bigony - "Really like your watercolors, the colors are so pure and transparent."

 William Maurer  -  “Good extemporaneous use of color and wet technique…..” 



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Watch Roy Paint This Above Scene

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   Roy John Fuller has been a watercolorist for 30 years and studied the famous TV oil painter Bob Ross for years prior to changing to watercolors. He is the founder of International Watercolors, an online watercolor magazine with watercolor instruction, workshops, articles, paintings, biographies and instructional watercolor lessons on many of today's top international watercolor artists . Roy's watercolors are created using the basic principles and elements of design in art. Principles such alternation, balance, contrast, dominanceharmony, unity, gradation. Elements such as color, line, action or direction, shape, size, texture and value. Using pattern groups, perspective, composition, value sketches and symbols will help you paint better looking watercolors. These design elements and principles apply to all art mediums, not just watercolors. Beginners and experienced artists will benefit by adopting these principles and elements of design.  For more details on the Principles & Elements of art design visit: Principles Of Art Design & Elements Of Art Design.

       This Winter Stream Was Painted With Only 5 Or 6 Brush Strokes  


Watch Roy Painting A Seascape    


Roy's Watercolor Gallery


    Roy is taking reservations for his 2015 & 2016 One Day  Watercolor Workshops

 Workshops Details    

 A Typical Workshop Agenda 

       Group Coordinators  Contact Us to schedule workshops.

  Watercolor workshops are scheduled for groups of 12 or more attending artists/students/art leagues/watercolor societies members, etc. Watercolor workshops are focused on painting Loose, Spontaneous, Transparent, Luminous and Translucent Wet in Wet watercolors. Roy's wet in wet watercolor painting techniques allow him to paint watercolor landscapes, seascapes and abstracts in only a few minutes using mostly wet into wet techniques. He only uses a couple big 2 & 3 inch brushes, 3 or 4 tubes of watercolors, a few old credit cards like his famous mentor Tony Couch and a 1/4 to full sheet of Arches 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper. Roy will have most of his painting finished before the initial water soaked paper dries in 15 to 20 minutes.

watercolor workshops

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