"The Jungle" by Roy John Fuller 
           * Member Of The Florida Watercolor Society & The American Watercolor Society  
Florida Watercolor Paintings by Roy John Fuller
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      Roy Fuller, a.k.a Roy John Fuller. The Florida Pine Island Eagle newspaper used the term "The Big Brush Man" when reporting on one of Roy's watercolor workshops. The term was appropriate so he stayed with it.

    "The best way to create loose, transparent and luminous watercolor paintings is to paint quickly with the biggest brush possible, use the fewest number of brush strokes and use lots of water." Roy Fuller

                                    The Big Brush Man's Techniques

    Roy creates his watercolors using the basic principles and elements of art design he learned attending various watercolor workshops. Roy's mentors are Tony Couch and Bob Ross. However he has studied many watercolor artists like Sterling Edwards, Zoltan Szabo, Egar Whitney, and Frank Webb. Principles such alternation, balance, contrast, dominanceharmony, unity, gradation. Elements such as color, line, action or direction, shape, size, texture and value. Using pattern groups, perspective, variety composition, value sketches and symbols will help you paint better looking and more interesting watercolors. Visit Roy's: Principles Of Art Design & Elements Of Art Design.

 "Bokeelia Florida" by Roy John Fuller