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   Tropical Storm Erika 

                                See Roy's Tropical Storm Erika's Skies Painting

   Next Workshop - Attend Roy's workshop on Saturday January 28th, 2017 in Pine Island Florida. Contact Linda Selleck at the St James Civic Center or the Order Of The Golden Brush for more details.

                         St James Civic Association    3300 4th St., St James city, Fl

                                     239 283-9337 or 239 283-5203



 Roy's Watercolor Workshop - St James City Civic Center, Florida Read More

Roy's Workshop on -  on Pine Island, Florida See More 

Roy's Plein Air Watercolor Workshop For Claire A. Wiley, Disney's Senior Designer Walt Disney Imagineering in Orlando, Fl  Read  More

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   Roy Fuller is one of the top  internet ranked international watercolor artist and has been a watercolor artist for over 30 years. He was an oil painter for several years prior to discovering watercolors. Roy is the Founder of International Watercolors, an international online watercolor magazine dedicated to amateur and professional international watercolor artists and workshops. Roy studied the world famous TV oil painter Bob Ross and his beautiful and simple painting techniques. Roy's wet into wet style of watercolor painting is a hybrid of the Bob Ross natural oil techniques combined with the the transparent watercolor painting styles of Tony Couch, Edward Sterling, Judi Wagner, and Frank Webb. Roy attended watercolor workshops of several of today's top master watercolor artists and has studied their instructional books and DVD's perfecting his Painting Techniques.

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     "The best way to produce loose, spontaneous, luminous and transparent watercolor paintings is to paint with the biggest brush possible and apply the watercolors as quickly as possible."  Roy Fuller 2001  


Roy's Watercolor Gallery



            Artist's Comments On Roy Fuller's Method Of "Watercolor Painting:

 Frank Webb - "Roy Fuller's watercolor works exude a freshness born of great speed. This fleetness of touch can only be made when the painter's mark is sure and with a conviction of the shape to be made with a minimum of adjustments."

 Sterling Edwards - "Roy's work is very nice...loose, fresh, and clean!"

 Leslie Ruth - "Your work is wonderful and "refreshing". You capture the true essence of the medium."

 Judy Champion - ".....Very impressive!"

 Ron Bigony - "Really like your watercolors, the colors are so pure and transparent."

 William Maurer  -  “Good extemporaneous use of color and wet technique…..” 

Lynda Simonetti - "Love the Colors! Great work. I have always drawn and oil painted and never thought I would like watercolor because to me it is not a controllable medium. I was wrong :) I LOVE watercolor because it IS uncontrollable and I can just ‘let it go’."




                                                                      Workshop Feedback:

  Claire's Workshop Seascape Painting

 “Roy is an amazing person, teacher and artist. I really enjoyed his class and learned a lot. I love his painting style. Roy has a lot of knowledge and therefore has a lot to teach. I would love to be able to take more of his classes, especially the week long one. I was impressed by how much I learned in the 4 hr class. Claire A. Wiley, Senior Designer Walt Disney Imagineering Orlando






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         Roy's Science Fiction         Roy's Watercolors         Roy's Songwriting      Roy's Poems



  "Alien Archeologistby Roy Fuller  -  Join Earth's first science expeditions to deep space to explore an undiscovered world. . This is the first time either of the crew members have visited this new land, or is it?  

  (c) Copyrighted 2009 by Roy Fuller   


  "Maldor Prime - New Eden" by Roy Fuller - Visit another fictional world where settler's have ventured to find an escape from everything they dislike about the Earth. They discover something far beyond anything they imagined on this desolate world. But is it too late for planet Earth? 

   (c) Copyrighted 2009 by Roy Fuller 


"Thez, Earth’s Galactic Protector" by Roy Fuller - Earth is not the only planet in the Galaxy with intelligent live. There are countless other world in various stages of development from primitive to super advanced. One such super advanced alien race has been assigned as Guardians, the protectors of Earth from other super alien races that would destroy all humans on Earth as we would kill out an infestation of roaches or rats in our homes.

    (c) Copyrighted 2014 by Roy Fuller  


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                  Roy John Fuller's Music Songwriter

   Roy Fuller, Able Music founder and a BMI Songwriter since 1970 has had several Top 10 Billboard/Cashbox Pick Hits starting with "Angel In Disguise" (1975 Nashville Columbia Studio B), "Your Song" (1975 Nashville Columbia Studio B), "The Image of Me" (1978 Nashville RCA Studios),  "Giving Up Getting Over You" (1979 Nashville Tandem Studios),  "The First Time" (1981 Nashville Woodland Studios), "Do It" (1981 Nashville Woodland Recording Studios), "The Shoe's On Another's Foot" (1981 Nashville Woodland Recording Studios).  Roy has had Pick Hits and feature write up's in Nashville EntertainerSongwriter Magazine, Billboard, Record World, Cashbox and other music industry publications as a performer, producer and a songwriter. 

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